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  • Saison 12

    "There seems to be a very large rat about, Brigadier. Perhaps you should employ the services of a very large cat."
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    Sam 9 Juin - 19:17
    destroyedlolo - 12x02 - The Ark in space.
  • Saison 13

    "Deactivating a generator loop without the correct key is like repairing a watch with a hammer and chisel. One false move and you'll never know the time again."
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  • Saison 14

    "You know, you're a classic example of the inverse ratio between the size of the mouth and the size of the brain."
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  • Saison 15

    "Somebody once tried to build a machine as efficient as the brain. Only trouble was, it would have had to have been bigger than London. And that was just a human brain. Mine's much more complex."
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    Jeu 20 Déc - 11:15
    destroyedlolo -15x03- Image of the Fendahl
  • Saison 16

    "Ground rules. Rule one, do exactly as I say. Rule two, stick close to me, and rule three, let me do all the talking."
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  • Saison 17

    "Well, I suppose the best way to find out where you've come from is to find out where you're going and then work backwards."
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    Mar 31 Juil - 16:38
    destroyedlolo -17x02- City of Death
  • Saison 18

    "They say the atmosphere there was so full of goodness that evil just shrivelled up and died. Maybe that's why I never went there."
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